Next Generation Underground Money Transfer System.



Our process for the PayPal transfer is very simple, and we do not send funds directly from a Hacked PayPal Account to your account. The funds are sent from
Hacked accounts to several Dummy accounts before transferring
to your personal verified PayPal account.

This is to ensure the funds are 100% clean and to make sure you don't get any dispute or chargebacks. We also use our personal methods to make sure funds aren't traced, so each transfer can't be flagged.

Information Needed For PayPal Transfer
PayPal Email Address | Verified accounts Only
PayPal Account Type | Business or Personal
PayPal Account Phone Number | Mobile
PayPal Account Location | Country

Please Note: This service is not available to all countries. Some countries have been Blacklisted, so kindly contact us with your paypal country before making payment.

Previous PayPal Transactions.

Our Terms and Conditions:

  • ** Kindly send an email to for your transfer.
  • ** We Do not offer Free test or Trial Transfers, so please don't waste our time.
  • ** All transfers are paid for and completed after payment confirmation.
  • ** Each transfer is done via PayPal account, PayPal information will be required from you
  • ** We Do not work on Percentages! so do not ask.
  • ** We Do not sell any PayPal softwares or Bugs, they are all Fakes!
  • ** Payment for each transfer is done via Bitcoins
  • ** If you couldn't purchase bitcoins, we will provide an alternate mode of payment.
  • ** We will never share your details with anyone, so please don't ask for other client details.
  • ** We reserve the right to refuse you services if you break our rules.
  • ** There's absolutely no need contacting us if you ain't ready for a transfer or have doubts.
  • ** We do not transfer to PayPal blacklisted countries.
  • ** You can only receive 1 transfer in a week.

Rates and Price List


  1. * Kindly check Our rates and choose an Amount you want to Receive
  2. * Send an email with Amount you need to
  3. * One of our team will respond to you within minutes and explain more about the transfer.
  4. * You send PayPal account information for the transfer
  5. * We will verify the details you sent.
  6. * You make payment for the transfer
  7. * Transfer is processed and completed within 20mins.
  8. * We will notify you once the transfer has been completed.
  9. * You check and verify money is available in your Account
  10. * Funds are confirmed and the transaction is complete.
  11. * PayPal Blacklisted countries are not allowed.
  12. * We can only transfer once a week to the same paypal account.


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