Question: How Do i make Payments for my Transaction?
Answer: Payment for each transfer service we offer is done via Bitcoins. If you do not know how to purchase bitcoins, we will walk you through or provide an Alternate means of payment.
Question: How safe are the Funds i am Receiving?
Answer: Each Transfer is 100% clean, We do not transfer straight from Hacked Accounts or logins, we use our personal method and also use several dummy accounts to make sure funds gets to you safely and cleanly. Each of our accounts is attached to high level encryption Servers..
Question: How long would I wait after making Payment?
Answer: Your transactions is processed immediately we confirm payment and each transfer takes less than 20 minutes. Some Funds take several more minutes to reflect on your account, will some are available immediately transaction is completed.
Question: Do You Guys give TEST | TRIAL TRANSFERS?
Answer: We do not offer Test or Trial transfers, All transfers are paid for before transaction process starts.
Question: Do You guys work on Percentages?
Answer: No we do not work on percentages but we do offer certain discounts on some transfers to new clients.
Question: What Countries Do You Guy Transfer to?
Answer: Our Western Union Transfer is WorldWide, Our Bank Transfers are WorldWide, but PayPal Transfers are to most Country except Blacklisted Countries. Our CreditCard TopUps are Global.
Question: Can i Contact You Guys with any other email??
Answer: you can contact us via email or via skype; Kindly send an email to or add us on Skype using same email